Pong replica life-size designed for retro arcade lovers to play and decorate any corner of your home, office or business.

With measurements for places with space that allow us to play comfortably as in the classic Pong arcade
with the same spinner system as in the original arcade.

A unique arcade machine, designed to decorate the most exclusive spaces.

If you are a fan of arcade games and you are looking for something special now with the Pong replica we have the solution to fulfill your dream.

Pong Replica, your most exclusive arcade.


2. MONITOR – 19 “square monitor | Protective glass.

3. FRONT – High quality yellow matt lacquer

4. CPO – Stainless steel panel. laser engraving

5. SPINNERS – Controls with rotating spinners

6. COIN ACEPTOR – Mini (0,50€ o 1€)

AUDIO – audio mono

REAR PART – Lockable rear door.

MEASURES – Height: 155 cm, Width: 65 cm, Depth: 61 cm

PONG Videojuego
  • Windows
  • Juego Pong
  • Monitor 19"
  • Audio 14w.
1859 € (IVA incl.)

Do you want your Pong Replica to be unique?

Do you want some modification and be able to play more games with this furniture?