Mega Racing Arcade, designed for lovers of the most demanding car games, designed to play both retro and more recent games,
in addition to decorating any corner of your home, office or leisure area.

With measurements for places with space that allow us to play comfortably as in a classic arcade.
but with an improved design adapted to both the home, the office or the rest room.

Choose one of our designs or customize it. We design the gear for your Mega Racing totally personalized, to the taste of each client.

If you are a fan of arcade games, retro car games and current car games, the Mega Racing model is the ideal one to fulfill your dream.

An arcade designed for lovers of the most demanding car games.

1. MARQUEE – Marquee illuminated led.

2. AUDIO – 80W 2.1 stereo audio system with subwoofer.

3. VINYLS – High quality matte laminated vinyls.

4. MONITOR – 27 “professional monitor.

5. SCREEN – Screen-printed protective glass.

6. CPO

7. STEERING WHEEL– Logitech G-29 steering wheel

8. PEDALS – Integrated Logitech G-29 pedals

9. SEAT – Semibaquet with adjustable backrest rails.

REAR – Lockable rear door.

MEASURES – Height: 169 cm, Width 68 cm, Depth with seat: 131 cm

KEYBOARD* – Wireless keyboard with touchpad


GAMEPADS * – 2 Compatible Wireless Gamepads

– AUDIO – 120W – 2.1 audio system with subwoofer.

– SHIFT LEVER – 6 speed and reverse

  • Windows
  • Más de 300 juegos
  • Monitor 27"
  • Audio 80w. 2.1
  • Características Características Frontend con vídeos Hardware ampliable Posibildad de jugar a tus juegos de Steam
3630 € (IVA incl.)

Do you want your Mega Racing to be unique?

We design fully customized arts
to the taste of each client.

Do you already know the theme to choose for yours?