Full Pack Upgrade (2022 to 2022 EV)

200,00  (IVA incl.)

  • Update of the Virtual Pinball Pack.
  • More than 850 tables.

Exclusive service for customers who have a Rex-Arcade installation in their virtual pinball

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This service is exclusive for those who have a Rex-Arcade installation and will allow you to upgrade a previous version of the pack to the next version.

In this way you can update, for example, from the 2020 Summer Edition pack to the 2021 pack, in a cheaper way but without the monthly support.

What does the Visual Pinball 2021 Summer Edition pack include?

Visual Pinball (More than 850 tables). You can leave it as a single system or show in the frontend all the systems that come out of Visual Pinball:

  • VPinball Basics (More than 170 tables)
  • VPinball Basics (More than 170 tables)
  • VPinball Fantasy (More than 100 tables)
  • VPinball Kids (Over 140 tables*)
  • Musical VPinball (Over 65 tables*)
  • VPinball New Generation (customizable from 23 to 92 tables)
  • VPinball PinUp (More than 115 tables)
  • VPinball Spanish (More than 100 tables)a
  • VPinball Taito (35 tables)
  • VPinball Zaccaria (36 tables)

* VPinball Kids has over 30 exclusive kids tables and showcases tables from other kid-themed systems.

* VPinball Musical does not have its own tables, it shows the musical-themed tables of the rest of the systems.

In total there are already more than 850 tables without counting repeated tables in various systems and with the next expansions they will increase to 1000.

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